Confronting Stigma of Mental Health

Uzima's members had the honor of participating in Local Immigration Partnership's (LIP) workshop on mental health this past December 4, 2018. The focus was to empower mental healthcare providers with tools on how to confront stigma surrounding the subject of mental health.

There was information on experiential activities using statistics. This helped us understand that stigma affected individual's access to healthcare, personal biases, fear of consequences and peer to peer relationships. Also, we addressed the role of media in communities and personal checking because people internalized stigma. It was mentioned that stigma had four levels of influence such as labeling, devaluing, discrimination, and stereotyping.

page. Thank you. aims to create a safe space for people to disclose their mental health issues since there is usually a power imbalance towards vulnerable populations. Uzima's trained volunteer staff are sensitive to cultural competence while empowering marginalized people to take charge of their mental health wellness. Below, please find the link to our volunteer training page and LIP's website. Thank you.

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